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BMX – SKATEBOARD – INLINE Sports is our responsibilities in Melaka.


MAGS 2011 Challenge competition is a wonderful and historical moment for all of us in MAGS,our task and ressponsible is to instruct and handle a competition named MAGS 2011 Challenge.Event though the participant is not many as expected but the crowd of audience is inspiring us. This competition involved BMX Park Run and Skateboard Best Trick and you may see the result as below:

BMX Park Run Melaka Closed

1st Place – Farit a.k.a Param

2nd Place – Faidhi a.k.a Kecik

3rd Place – Sholehen a.k.a Negro

4th Place – Mustaza a.k.a Ras Tapok

Skateboard Best Trick Opened

1st Place – Haadi (Kepong)

2nd Place – Mohd Hafs (Melaka)

3rd Place – Umar Usman (Tampin,Melaka)

4th Place – Mohd Anzad (Kajang)

5th Place – Mohd Afiq (Melaka)

6th Place – Mohd Norzaidi (Melaka)

7th Place – Mohd Azim (Melaka)

8th Place – Mohd Lutfi (Melaka)

9th Place – Rabbani (Kajang)

10th Place -Mohd Faizal (Perak)

Here some captured moment for us to share…

( For below please wait for a minute to see picture slide show)

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Photo by:
Shukor a.k.a Katon
Faiz Bakar

Very Very much Thank You for MAGS 2011 Challange SPONSORSr:
Jabatan Belia Sukan
Rakan Muda
Melaka Mall
Moxie Dynamic Solutions
DOD Event
D’Shutter Creation
Damia Paradigm Enterprise
FNS Collection

Thank you for all crew and participant that supporting us…..